War Of Sticks

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War Of Sticks is an impressive action game. Players need to train their soldiers to fight and destroy enemies bravely. You win when destroying the enemy base.

Guide To Play War Of Sticks

This is an extremely impressive action game. Your mission is to fight against enemies and make their territories yours. Players need to fight many different enemies, who own different lands. You need to destroy them all to occupy those territories. However, every day your enemies become stronger and more upgraded. Players also need to upgrade and train their soldiers more, in addition to using reasonable strategies to win.

Some Notes in War Of Sticks

Buy soldiers

In the game War Of Sticks, at the beginning of each battle, the player receives an amount of gold, which you can use to buy mineral mining workers. Thanks to them, you will have more gold and stones. Players will use gold to buy more soldiers. The higher the strength of the soldiers, the more gold they need. In addition, stone will be used to build huts to protect your territory.


Players can completely upgrade their soldiers. After each winning battle, War Of Sticks will give you some gold. That amount of gold will be used to level up the strength of your soldiers. If you have ever played Age Of War 3, you may have noticed many similarities between these two games. Players can upgrade helmets, archer's bows, miner's pickaxes, archer's bags, shielder's swords, berserker's helmets, etc. These upgrades will contribute significantly to your victory in each battle. Remember, your enemies are also getting stronger!

Tips and Tricks for Playing War Of Sticks

  • Prioritize mineral exploitation first.
  • Immediately after that, buy more soldiers, as many as possible until the limit is reached.
  • Pay attention to upgrading your soldiers.
  • Stone can be converted into gold.
  • Building a hut can help a lot in your battle, especially in defense.

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