Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers Online

Shell Shockers is a thrilling shootout between adorable eggs. You will accompany your egg, use weapons and fight against all enemies in the game.

Rules of the game

Coming to this game, similar to other survival games, Rocket Bot Royale for example, the player's task is to fight against all enemies.

This game will be more special when the characters are eggs that can move and use weapons. You will transform into such an egg, choose your weapon before joining the battle, and do not spare any enemies in the game. You should remember that even if you are lenient with them, they will still find ways to destroy you. Either you beat your opponents, or you'll be knocked out of the game.

Types of weapons

Shell Shockers provides players with a wide range of advanced and extremely diverse weapons for players. You will choose the best weapon for your best friend before entering the battle and during the battle, you will use that gun. Let's explore the characteristics of the guns in the game.

  • The traditional EGGK-47 has a fast rate of fire, a medium firing range, and never jams.
  • Scrambler: Two shots - Close-range shotgun blast deals critical damage.
  • A semi-automatic sniper with free range - destroy from a distance.
  • Small magazine, medium range, and significant damage.
  • Whipper: A large clip filled with bullets that break eggs within the medium range.
  • A sniper with a bolt action. stopping power in a single shot.
  • Tri-hard: a medium-range expert with a 3-round burst of accuracy.

Each gun will have its own characteristics, you should try all guns to be able to find the gun that suits you best and easily fight. Moreover, you can even buy skins for guns at the game's store and enjoy their amazing destructive power.

Game modes of Shell Shockers

Common modes

Teams: This is the mode in which players will join the fight with their teammates. There will be only two red or blue teams. When you become a member of this team, you will fight and destroy the members of the other team. The team with the higher score will be the winner.

Free for all: This mode is also known as solo mode. That is, players will fight on their own and defeat all opponents. Anyone who shows up in the game is your enemy.

Some special modes

Play with friends: The rules of the game are the same as team mode. However, you need an account to log in and enjoy this game mode.

Captula the Spatula: This is also a mode where players will play in teams. However, the rules of the game will be two teams competing for the spatula. The team holding the spatula will gain points every time an enemy is killed, and can lose points when the spatula holder is destroyed.

King of the Coop: Each member of the winning team in this mode will receive 250 eggs in this mode. The winning team is the team that captures the coop.

Game controls

  • WASD to move.
  • Spacebar to jump.
  • E to change the weapons.
  • Q to launch a grenade.
  • The mouse to shoot.
  • Shift to aim.
  • R to reload.
  • F to melee.