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Ev.io is an extremely attractive gun battle. You will fight a lot of other players. Use your door weapons and move smartly to destroy the enemy.

The battle in Ev.io

In this game, each player has the same goal of killing as many enemies as possible. You will be provided with weapons to accomplish your goals. In the game, in addition to attacking, you also need to defend and dodge to minimize the risk of being defeated. If you see too many enemies, you should not confront them directly, this is very dangerous.

Ev.io's game modes

In this gun battle game, you have the opportunity to participate in many different modes. Each game mode will have different characteristics but all bring fun and moments of entertainment to users. Are you ready to experience these modes?


This is the mode where players will join the arena with many other warriors. You will fight each other, whoever runs out of blood first will be killed. However, you will still be resurrected, but it will take some time for this to be performed, possibly a few seconds.

Snipper Shotgun

This mode is more special. In other casual modes, the player can use a variety of weapons such as guns, grenades, smoke bombs, and so on. However, in this mode, you can only use one weapon, the Snipper Shotgun.

Team Deathmatch

With the same rules as above, this mode allows you to join the game and fight with your teammates. This is also an opportunity for players to develop teamwork.


In this survival mode, you will not be revived after being defeated. The last person alive in the game will be the winner.


This is considered a special mode of Ev.io where you can play games with your family or friends. There are two ways to join the party of this game experience.

Join a party

Join a party is where you will enter a code that you receive from your friends to join the battle. The rules of the game when joining parties are not different, it's just that the space in it will be more comfortable when all the players are your acquaintances.

Create a party

In addition to receiving codes from friends, you can also create a party yourself and send codes to invite friends to join. The room you create yourself will ensure the criteria and requirements you desire.

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