Vortex 9

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Transform into a brave gunman in Vortex 9 and fight hard with your teammates. You will use your weapons to destroy enemies and protect yourself in the game.

What is Vortex 9?

For those who love Rocket Bot Royale like action and survival games, this is an extremely interesting action and survival game. In this game, you and the enemies will confront each other directly. Can you win? Start the game and give me your answer!

Choose your character

John and Jane are the two main characters in this game. If you are female, choose Jane, and choose John if you are male. You will transform into one of these two characters when participating in the game. As soon as you have decided on your character and outfit in the game, you can name your character to sexually distinguish you from other players in Vortex 9. Guaranteed you can win!

Join the battle

As an interesting battle for survival, the game requires you to accompany your teammates to fight against another team. The gun will be the main and effective weapon for you in the battle, take advantage of its power to destroy the opponent. The team that gets more points will be the winner. The score of Vortex 9 is calculated by the number of kills that two teams destroy. Time is limited, try to achieve this goal and do not let the opponent turn the game upside down.

Vortex 9 game features


The game includes a variety of modes for you to enjoy. You want to accompany your teammates in the fight for survival, Deathmatch is the right mode for you.

Want a more special game mode? Capture the point is probably able to meet this need. In addition to killing enemies, your team also needs to move to capture points.

If you want to try your hand at fighting, the game offers you the Mayhem game mode. This is where you will fight on your own and against the enemy. Of course, there won't be any teams playing in this mode.

Game tasks

In Vortex 9, you should follow the quests the game gives you. Completing these tasks, you will receive attractive gifts. It could be gold, silver, or weapons. The game will give you both the main quest and the daily quests.


Weapons are an indispensable part if you want to win this game. Machine guns, pistols, and grenades are weapons you get when you engage in combat. You need to understand these weapons well to be able to prevail over the enemy.

  • The machine gun is the weapon you will use most often, it can be used both when the opponent is near or far from you.
  • You can use pistols when near enemies or when your main weapon runs out of ammo.
  • Throw grenades at opponents when they are crowded to deal damage to all enemies present.
  • In addition, do not forget to use energy drinks to heal after fighting. If you let the blood run dry, it will be very dangerous.

Guide to play

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Click the mouse to shoot.
  • Use the spacebar to jump.
  • Use the number keys from 1 to 5 to change your weapons.