Pocket Battle Royale

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About Pocket Battle Royale

Pocket Battle Royale simulates a gun battle in a closed room between many players. You will control your gunman to move and destroy the enemies.

Enjoy Pocket Battle Royale

Players will pick up the weapons and move around to find and destroy every enemy in this game. If you are a fan of the famous game Rocket Bot Royale, you will love this game.

Coming to this multiplayer game, the players all perform a common task which is to become the last person to survive the battle. You are the only survivor to leave that fight, which means you are the winner, master of the round.

Tips and tricks

  • You should not stand still because it will be very easy to be hit by enemy bullets, In addition, the dead zone can cause you to lose your life.
  • Open chests in the game to get better guns.
  • If your HP bar is slowly running out and is likely to lose, you can run away. Arriving in a safe area, you will automatically be healed.
  • Make upgrades for your guns to get the most destructive power possible.
  • Use the mouse to control the game.

Unlocked in Pocket Battle Royale


In this game, after finishing your wars, you will have a chance to get cups and coins. The amount of rewards you get will depend on your performance in the game. You can use your cups to unlock more maps. Each map will show a different location and features. For example, it could be a fight taking place at a basketball court, a royal desert, a volcano crossing, or at a cyber truck.

Heroes and their skins

Do you want to change and experience battles with different characters? That Pocket Battle Royale can help you. In addition to the default character, the game also provides many other characters as well as skins for them. Reach the required levels to unlock these heroes. Wish you happy gaming!