Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

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Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds is an exciting fighting game. Players need to use their own ingenuity to control their aircraft to fight in the air.

Description of Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

Welcome to the fighter game Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds! You will transform into brave pilots, accompanying your own plane to fight and defeat all enemies.

Fierce battle in the game

Coming to Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds, you will control your plane to defeat all objects in the game. As a multiplayer game, when participating in this game, it will tell you which country your opponents are from by displaying their national flag right next to the plane.

Players will control their aircraft circling in the air and accurately aim to eliminate each opponent. At the end of the game time, if you get the most points, as well as the most kills, you will be the winner.


Players will use arrows or WASD to navigate their plane. To defeat the enemy, you will use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Highlights of Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

This game offers you attractive features. It is these features that will partly help the game be loved and trusted by players.

You should try to get a high rank in each war, that will help you have more coins to upgrade yourself before entering another war.

It is also a condition for you to receive more stars and unlock other pilots. Each pilot will have different strengths, they will help you improve your chances of winning.

Moreover, when the achievement is good enough, the player can own more other fighters and bring it to fierce arenas.

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