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Kirka.io is an engaging shooting game. You will engage in gunfights and take down your enemies. Join the game modes and enjoy the different maps of the game.

Play Kirka.io Online

Coming to this game, players will be taken to a sandbox platform where you will fight against a lot of enemies.

Your objectives

In this game, you will face many opponents who would like to kill you. Either you can defeat them, or they defeat you. You will also join a team and compete with another one. The winning team is the team that has more kills. Use your weapons to complete this mission.

How to control

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Click the mouse to attack.

Kirka.io's features

This game offers players a variety of interesting features. Let's explore these features.

Log in to the game

Similar to Rocket Bot Royale, creating an account to log in and experience the game is really necessary and exciting. By using your own account, you can access and experience many other game features. You can play with your friends, create a private room and then send the room's code to your friends.

Kirka.io's store

In the game store, players can buy a lot of interesting items and items. You can buy skins for the character to make him look special and stand out. You can also buy diamonds to make necessary transactions during the game, etc.

Join the battles with different modes

Solo and team mode: These are the modes that you most often see in survival games. Try to gain as many points by killing as many enemies as you can.

Knife Only: If in other modes, you can freely use a variety of weapons such as guns, or knives. In this mode will be different, you can only use one weapon to fight.

Point, Parkour, Physics, and Sabotage are other very special game modes that few games are equipped with like Kirka.io. Try to experience these modes to see the difference of this game from other games.


Kirka.io is known as one of the most diverse map games. You will have the opportunity to experience many different maps when coming to this game such as Bedroom, Funeral, CO2, etc. You can even play the game on different servers like the EU, Asia, and North America. This is really a good game, right? Don't miss this game.