Geometry Dash Lite

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Enjoy Geometry Dash Lite and complete the challenge in this fascinating game. You will control your cube to conquer all obstacles on the way.


This Geometry Dash game is a very popular running game and is chosen by many players as their favorite game. The game since its release has received a lot of attention and positive reviews. If you have ever played Avatar Game, it is inspired by this game to develop. Are you ready to accept the challenge of this famous game?

Geometry Dash Lite gameplay

Referring to this game, people will immediately imagine the image of a running cube, flowing on a colorful platform, full of dangerous obstacles in an exciting and exciting music space. Players will control their cube to move through those obstacles to reach the finish line safely. Be careful because even with a small collision, you will have to lose your life and start the game right away.


Use a spacebar or mouse to control your character.

Geometry Dash Lite's features

Game modes

This game includes two modes at each track, normal and practice mode. In both these modes, the challenge of the game is the same, and the design and arrangement of obstacles are the same. However, to be able to confidently win the main game in normal mode, players can practice and get used to the manipulations and races in practice mode.

Moreover, this mode also allows you to manually create or delete checkpoints. You can mark checkpoints so that if an accident happens, you can continue playing the game from the last checkpoint instead of spending time playing the game from the beginning.


Geometry Dash Lite offers you a lot of different characters. The characters are even designed with interesting shapes such as robots, balls, UFOs, spaceships, etc. Play the game and discover these characters!

Platform: Rocket Bot Royale web browser