Monkey Mart

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Running a supermarket in the monkey world with Monkey Mart, you will become the manager. You grow, harvest, and sell products right at your supermarket.

What is Monkey Mart?

We are pleased to introduce to gamers a game that is very popular and searched recently, which is Monkey Mart on our Rocket Bot Royale web. This is a game with fun, creative and simple gameplay. Let's discover together what is in this game.

Your mart

Starting the game, it is not difficult for you to realize that you will transform into a lovely monkey who will run and manage this supermarket. First, you will start building a system of equipment and items in your supermarket. Put in it a cashier table, grow bananas, and a shelf to sell bananas. As you know, monkeys all love to eat bananas, use this fruit as a premise to make money and expand your supermarket.

Control instructions

  • Use the arrow keys to control your monkey.
  • Use the mouse to perform other operations like upgrades.
  • Monkey management rules

Monkey management rules

In order for your mart to grow and grow stronger, you must be a good manager. You can't always do everything yourself. Sometimes this will reduce your work efficiency, especially when the supermarket is more and more crowded and you also need to take care of more plants and animals.

Supermarket expansion

You can unlock and grow more corn, raise chickens and cows. The more items to trade, the more money you can receive will increase significantly. Even if you've spent all your money building, expanding, and hiring, that's okay. You need to invest in order to earn a lot of interest. That is the rule in business and so is in Monkey Mart.

Employee manager

Don't forget to hire more staff to help you run the supermarket. They can help you stand at the cashier to pay the consumer. Others will help you harvest the crops and arrange them on the shelves for sale.

Sometimes, due to being too tired, your employees may fall asleep. Wake them up so they can keep working. In addition, you can also upgrade employees at your supermarket to increase their productivity.