Age Of War 3

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About Age Of War 3

Age Of War 3 is an exciting strategy fighting game. You will defend your base through each stage by partnering with warriors to fight and destroy the enemy.

How to win in Age Of War 3

Coming to this addictive game, players will confront an enemy who wants to attack their base. If you want to win, you first need to fend off the stormy waves of your enemies. Then you will develop your army and take the opportunity to attack and destroy their base.

Interesting facts about the game

Age Of War 3 through each stage

This is a fascinating game with an interesting concept. If in other action games like Imposter Battle Royale, you will be taken to a platform to fight, things are just like that, in this game, it will be different.

Players will go through many stages from ancient times to modern times. And of course, each stage will have different characteristics. Players will experience different types of weapons, attack vehicles, and even costumes.

The more you maintain your power and victory, the longer you play the game, the faster you will reach the modern stage. At that time, you will be able to use the warriors with more modern weapons, and protective armor, and the strength of these soldiers is also greater.

Unlock Soldiers

However, owning and using these warriors is not so easy. You need to win to upgrade yourself to unlock the characters in the game. Moreover, when you start fighting, you also need XP points to be able to unlock more warriors and bring them to this fierce arena.

You need to actively participate in the combat to quickly get more XP points. This can be considered the golden key, the most optimal plan to help you win.

Guide to control

You can use the mouse to play this game. In which, you can move the mouse or use arrow keys or A/D to scroll the map. This will make it easier for you to follow the progress of the war.