Build Royale

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Build Royale is a fun survival mini-game where you will fight to be the last man standing on the map. Pick up your weapons and fight against the enemies.

Build Royale info

This is a game developed by Mathew Matakovic, a famous game creator, and has many games that are loved by gamers. Build Royale was developed and released in 2018.

Play this game

In this game, you will transform into a human character capable of fighting and building. Along with many other players participating in the game, you and they will compete with each other to find the winner.

Criteria for the winner

Build Royale requires players to be very careful to stay alive in the game. To survive for a long time in this game, you need to collect items such as guns, ammo, bandages, and a few other weapons to defend as well as fight enemies.

The winner of the game is not definitely the one with the most kills, but it must be the last survivor. However, if you can kill many enemies, you will get attractive bonuses.

How to control

To control their character in Build Royale, players need to use the mouse and keyboard. You will click the mouse to attack the enemy. With the keyboard, you will use WASD to move, R to reload, M to open the map, Q to build, and the number keys to change weapons and some items.

Build Royale's modes

You can experience many modes in this game, and your duties in each mode are unchanged. However, the characteristics of them are different from.

  • Solo mode: In this mode, you will fight yourself against your enemies.
  • Duos mode: This is the mode, in which you will accompany another player who is your teammate. You guys will support together to defeat your enemies.
  • Squad mode: Similar to the duos' mode, however, in this mode your teammates are not only one but up to 3 people.
  • Play with your friends: This is the most special mode when you can make friends, and play with friends. You can create a private room and send a code to invite your friends to join the battle. Or, you can also enter the code your friends send to accompany them. But, to be able to experience this mode, you need to create an account and log in to the game to play.


In this game, if you perform excellently, you can also appear on the game's leaderboard. This is a table honoring the best gamers by day, week, and month. You can follow to set goals for yourself and fool the players in this game. Good luck and have a good time gaming!

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