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1v1.LOL is an engaging shooting game. Defeat as many opponents as possible, and improve personal achievements to receive attractive gifts from the game.

Play The 1v1.LOL Game

Rules of the game

In this game, you will be taken to a certain area, like an extremely different arena. There, if the gunmen want to survive, they must defeat the remaining opponents. Players will use necessary weapons such as guns, grenades, or axes to fight. Any player will be koaji when his HP runs out. The 1v1.LOL, the battle will end when only one player remains, and that is the winner.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Use two mouse keys to aim and shoot the target.
  • Use number keys to change weapons.

Some Features of 1v1.LOL

Game modes

The game includes two modes, which are Solo mode and Dou mode. In Solo mode, you will face other opponents alone. Meanwhile, you can stand side by side with your teammates in Duo mode. Two players on the same team will fight to destroy other teams that also include two members. When playing this mode, players should go with teammates to improve attack and defense abilities.

Items in 1v1.LOL

The game offers a variety of interesting items. If in Rocket Bot Royale, you can unlock different tank skins. Then in 1v1.LOL, you can also own equally attractive skins. Players can unlock new characters with more attractive designs. In addition, gun skins are also very diverse. Try to get high scores to unlock them and make your game more colorful.

Besides, if you want to play with friends, you can also create a private room and send them ID. Or, enter your friends' IDs to join the fight together.