Sushi Matching

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Sushi Matching is an impressive puzzle game. You will collect the sushi according to the chef's request to prepare for a sumptuous party in this game.

Sushi Matching - Sushi Party

Prepare for the party

Welcome to the Japanese Food Party! When it comes to this country, people often think of attractive sushi dishes. And today, you will officially have the opportunity to join this sushi party, prepare well for the party.

In Sushi Matching, the chef will ask you to arrange the sushi. To complete his request, you need to match 3 or more of the same sushi to collect them.

Game controls

Players just need to use the mouse to select sushi pieces and select a box next to them to swap their positions. As long as after exchanging, you will create a row with 3 or more identical sushi. Besides, you can also join the sushi party at Sushi Party.

Some notes in Sushi Matching

You will play the game through many different levels. At each level, the task that the chef gives you will be different, and even more difficult. But need that, the player's game experience will be better.

You should pay attention to the request box at the bottom to know the type of sushi and the amount of sushi you need to collect. In addition, try to complete the task as quickly as possible because time is limited.