Sushi Party

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Sushi Party is an arcade game. You will control your worm to move and collect food on the platform. The more food you collect, the faster your worm will grow.

Enjoy Sushi Party

Start the party with lots of delicious dishes. Are you crazy about eating? You've come to the right place! Sushi Party is a hearty party. Come and enjoy sushi, ice cream, kimbap, shrimp, milk tea, etc.

Your objectives in the game

Players participating in this culinary party will transform into lovely little worms. Your task is to collect as much food as possible. No matter what dish it is, you can collect it. However, you must not crash into other worms. If there is an accident, you will be eliminated from the game.

Game controls

  • Hover to navigate your worm.
  • Hold the LEFT MOUSE to accelerate.

Sushi Party features

Worm's skins

Your worm in this game is very cute but if you want it to be more cute and colorful, you can unlock accessories. The game will give you many hats and ears, and unlock them to equip them for your worm. In addition, you can also change the skin color for this worm.

2P mode

This is the game mode for two players. You can control the worm together with friends, each controlling one worm, or you can control both worms at the same time. Go together and conquer the challenges of the game.

Where can you play Sushi Part?

Our Rocket Bot Royale website is always ready to serve and provide exciting games for gamers. Here you can play Sushi Party and many other games.