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Stomped.io is developed to be a relaxing game with lots of fun. You will try to eliminate as many opponents from the game as possible while sizing up yourself.

Experience Stomped.io

Stomped.io and the fun Arena

Are you prepared for an exciting multiplayer battle with precious moments? Experience Stomped.io now to see how good this game is!

In this game, you will help your adorable robot character jump into a starry universe. Collect those glittering stars to size up him. At the same time, eliminating other competitors is also an ideal way to shorten the size-up process.

Steps to conquer Stomped.io

  • Choose the character and give him a name.
  • Begin the game.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate your robot.
  • Press SPACEBAR to do somersaults in the air.
  • You will be eliminated when your opponent jumps on your head. Conversely, jump on top of smaller robots to eliminate opponents.
  • When you jump on top of robots that are bigger than you, they will not be eliminated immediately. But their bodies will be smaller and easier to get rid of.

Leaderboard and new character unlock

Like Hole.io, this game also provides a leaderboard for you. In Stomped.io, the game's leaderboard appears right in the corner of the computer screen while you compete with opponents. It shows the ranking of the game participants based on the performance and the size of the robots.

In addition, when playing this game, players can own extremely beautiful and lovely new character skins by sharing.