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What is the Hole.io game?

Hole.io is a super entertaining arcade game. You will stay with your lure hole and eat everything along the way. If you are the last one alive, you win.

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Hole.io game rules

The name of the game says almost every game content. In this unique game, you will not need to transform into another character, you will be accompanied by a special hole. Here, players will move around the map to eat everything they can. As a multiplayer game, the game requires participants to compete with other players around the world. Master the game to become the best player.

What can you collect?

Basically, players can devour everything in Hole.io. However, it takes time to do that. At the start of the game, the player will only be able to swallow items smaller than the mouth of the hole. Over time, the more items you collect, your hole will be bigger. Thanks to this, you will be able to swallow larger items. In particular, the larger the items, the bigger your hole will be, and can even swallow and eliminate many other opponents smaller than you.

Hole.io tips and tricks

  • Focus on developing your hole first, collecting items as quickly as possible.
  • Eating smaller holes will help your hole grow faster.
  • Do not waste time swallowing items that are too big, or bigger than your hole.
  • When facing opponents with bigger holes, you're better off avoiding them.
  • Take advantage of game features like unlocking maps and skins for a better game experience.