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WarCall.io is an attractive game. Control your warrior to complete missions and collect in-game treasure chests. You will go from a tiny hero to a big one.

About WarCall.io

In the game, you have the task of controlling the warrior and fighting with other players for rewards. As you level up, you'll get bigger and earn more loot to make your character stronger!

How to grow fast

For rapid character development in WarCall.io, collect coins and many other power-ups around the map for energy. Defeat enemies in battle to level up quickly and avoid conflicts with giants. The more dominant in the game, the bigger and more unstoppable you become!


When killing opponents, you will sometimes see them drop chests of different rarities. Chests include loot for characters and gold to upgrade items. You'll find items like armor, rings, and hats, which increase your base stats and make you stronger. Rare chests have the most valuable equipment, so keep an eye on them around the arena.

How to play

Use the mouse to control this game. You will hover to navigate your character. Besides, the left mouse button will help you attack, hold and then release it to use a power attack. Meanwhile, right-clicking will help you activate the skill.


WarCall.io offers players up to 3 different arenas for you to experience, which are Novice, Advanced, and Master. However, to unlock the following two arenas, Advance and Master, players need to meet certain requirements. For example, reach level 20 in the Novice arena to unlock the Advanced arena, and reach level 20 in the Advanced arena to unlock the Master arena.

Warriors and equipment for them

There are many characters in WarCall.io, each with their own advantages in terms of damage, health, lifesteal, armor, etc. Players can take advantage of each hero to choose for themselves the most suitable champion possible. In addition, bringing additional characters to experience in the game is also extremely necessary.

In addition to the individual advantages of each hero, the equipment also helps them a lot. At your private locker, equip your warrior with items so he can confidently fight in extremely fierce arenas. The equipment also gives you the necessary power stats. You can even use those items to compensate for your hero's weaknesses.

Some notes for players

WarCall.io is an attractive, fierce but equally interesting action game. To master this game, you can refer to some notes below and enjoy the game.

  • There are shiny rocks scattered throughout the area. Collect them and you will get XP to level up.
  • Killed enemies will drop a chest containing gold for you to level up or equipment.
  • Rank up to become TOP 1 on the leaderboard is your goal in the game WarCall.io.
  • When being chased by higher-level enemies, you can use speed to escape. Or acceleration can also be used to chase weaker enemies.

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