Santa The Skater

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Santa The Skater is an exciting arcade game. Accompany Santa on his journey to explore the snowy mountain to collect golden stars and words.

Santa The Skater Information

Welcoming the Christmas season with a game is not a bad idea. Every topic in life can be transformed into a game, which is why Santa The Skater was born. Especially in the last days of the year when Christmas is coming, many people want to enjoy games about this holiday. If you are interested, join the game now!

Play Santa The Skater

Collect items

Welcome to this special game! In the game, you will transform into Santa Claus, who is exploring a snowy mountain with many Christmas trees and snowmen. This is a great condition for you to show off your skateboarding skills.

In Santa The Skater, you will help Santa Claus skate to conquer the furthest distance possible. At the same time, try to collect golden stars as well as letters to combine them into a complete word. On the game screen, letters will appear, you will collect the letters in the appropriate order to write those words. It can be said that it is very suitable for children who are learning letters and rhyming. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Features of Santa The Skater

  • Controls: Click the mouse to jump up, double clicks to jump higher.
  • The game summarizes your achievements based on words completed, stars collected, highest words completed, and highest stars collected.
  • Collision with an obstacle will cause you to lose 1 life. Players have 3 lives to master the game.
  • If you want to get more lives in Santa The Skater, players need to collect 100 stars for each life.
  • If you collect the wrong letters, the word to match will change, and you will lose 10 stars.

The platform for playing: Rocket Bot Royale web browser

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