Groovy Ski

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Groovy Ski - A Skiing Game

Groovy Ski is an exciting arcade game. You will be a skier in this game, try your best to overcome challenges and achieve the highest score possible.

How to play

In the Groovy Ski game, players just need to click the mouse or press the spacebar to control the character. He is skiing on a winter mountain that has a lot of obstacles. Each time, you click the mouse, your he will change direction to turn on the right path and avoid the dangerous items.

Groovy Ski's game rules

The player's task when participating in the game's challenges is to try to achieve the highest score possible. Meanwhile, you will encounter obstacles. They are that barriers separate and form a narrow passage, snowmen, or even gorillas. Players need to ski within that path without hitting the fence. If you hit Groovy Ski's barrier, the game will end immediately. Remember, the more careful and calm you are, the longer your gaming time will be. That also means your score will also improve.

Use the Gold Stars in Groovy Ski

While playing the game, players will collect stars. They appear on the narrow paths in this snowy mountain area. If you want to make your game character look stylish, collect as many gold stars as possible.

These gold stars will help you unlock item chests after the game ends. Depending on your luck, you will have a chance to receive attractive items. It can be a hat, scarf, or other beautiful and extremely interesting items. Good luck!