Avatar Game

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Avatar Game is a running game inspired by the worldwide famous movie Avatar. You help Jake Sully to the finish line while overcoming dangerous obstacles.

Avatar Game Online

Play Avatar Game online and accompany your character in Navi's world. As a new game released in early 2023, it created a big buzz and attracted the attention of many gamers. The reason is very simple, the game has interesting gameplay, along with a lively and eye-catching design. If you are a fan of the movie of the same name, Avatar is definitely an experience that you should try. Start this game now to enjoy the essence of the game!

Guide to play

The rule of Avatar Game

Control the character Jake Sully to run and conquer the obstacles in the game. Obstacles in the game are shown in the form of blocks that appear close together, continuously, and interspersed with dangerous spike traps. If you are not careful, you may crash into these obstacles or fall into the game's traps. Then you will be counted as a loser.

Each time you participate in the Avatar Game challenge, whether you win or lose, will count as one attempt. This data will be recorded and regularly updated by the system. Try not to have to try too many times to complete the task. You can track the game's progress bar to see how far you have to reach the destination.


  • Use the mouse, spacebar, or up key to control your character.
  • Use the Z key to set up the checkpoint.
  • Use the X to delete the checkpoint.

Avatar Game's modes

As introduced to you earlier, the game is beautifully designed. That is most evident through the game modes. There are three modes, each of which is designed with a different background. What they all have in common is that the colors, designs, and images are extremely nice.

  • Stereo Madness: Represents the landscape in the Na'vi forests.
  • Back On Track: Instead of images of mountains and forests, this mode brings you to the river-filled world of Pandora Bay.
  • Polargeist: The forest of souls is waiting for you to explore.

The above information is enough to convince you to join this game. We are honored to introduce you to great games, and we will also continue to update you with interesting titles on Rocket Bot Royale web.