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FlyUFO.io is the story of the war between UFOs. They are entering a contest to see which UFO is the best. The fastest UFO to size up will achieve this position.

The competition in FlyUFO.io

For those who love the sky or the world of astronomy, this will be a game with an attractive theme for you. In addition, this game also gives players attractive gameplay. The way to play is similar to Hole.io, a game that is especially hot on game websites. For now, let's discover what FlyUFO.io is like!

The mission when playing the game

Depending on the game mode, your mission will be different. However, no matter what mode you play the game in, the way to complete the tasks is still the same. Players need to control to move their UFO and collect all they can in the game map. You will devour houses, vehicles, people, trees, or anything along the way. These actions of the player will aim to size up the UFO as quickly as possible.

Battle Modes

During the gameplay, you can try yourself in different wars. In which, FlyUFO.io offers you 2 game modes corresponding to 2 arenas with different rules.

  • Classic Mode: This is a less extreme mode. You will participate in a 2-minute battle. In those 2 minutes, the player needs to find a way to collect everything and size up yourself how to finish the time, you will be the one with the highest score.
  • Battle Royale Mode: This mode will be more survival. When participating in this mode, in addition to sizing yourself, the player needs to survive to be the only one left alive after the battle. That means that after collecting food, and having enough power, the UFOs will fight with each other to eliminate other players.

A few small notes for players

Select maps

Players can play on different maps of FlyUFO.io. Each map will have its own characteristics, you should try playing in all caps to choose a suitable map where you can show your strengths. Moreover, the maps will also have different themes such as Pirates, Farm, Western, Cartoon Towns, Vikings, etc. Perhaps choosing an impressive and suitable map for your individual playstyle will also help you in the battle.

Tips and Tricks

  • At the beginning of the game, you should focus on finding and collecting small items first. Because then, your UFO is not big enough to eat large items, small items will help you size up.
  • When the UFO is not big enough, it is better for the player to avoid UFOs that are bigger than themselves.
  • Conversely, once you have sized up to a large enough size, you can start hunting. Players with smaller sizes will be good prey, helping you to get more points, and faster size up.