Find The Difference

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Find The Difference is a familiar and fascinating game. Now that this game is available online, are you ready to find the differences between the two pictures?

Find The Difference Online Game

Player's mission

In Find The Difference, the player will take on the role of a finder but the difference. You will be provided with 2 almost identical pictures. Your task is to find 10 different details between the two pictures. Sometimes the difference is so big that you can immediately tell. But sometimes it's not as simple as you think.

Control the game

This game has a gameplay and gameplay a bit like Find Toys, where you will search for toys on demand. In Find The Difference, the player uses the mouse and clicks on different details or areas in the picture.

Game's difficulties

Of course, the pictures will not be the same, and so will the difficulty. To attract players as well as stimulate your curiosity, agility, and observation, Find The Difference offers a series of pictures corresponding to different levels.

The later levels, the difficulty of the game will be higher. You will have more trouble finding the differences between the two pictures. It is possible that the details will be smaller, or even placed in the most invisible places possible. Either way, it's still a good game and worth a try.