Find Toys

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Find Toys takes players to a world filled with toys. Joining this game, children will surely enjoy and be excited about finding hidden objects on the screen.

Find Toys - An exciting puzzle game

Missions in the game

Welcome to the world of fun and beautiful toys, Find Toys. This game for children will certainly not disappoint. Let's find out what you need to do when playing this game!

Starting the game, you will see on the screen a lot of different toys, along with a magnifying glass in the lower-left corner of the screen. Your task is to find the toys that appear in that magnifying glass. Players need to make sure to find the required number of items next to the magnifying glass.

Playable platforms Find Toys

You can enjoy this exciting game on mobile devices, desktops, or right at our Rocket Bot Royale website.

A few small notes

  • Players only have 60 seconds to complete the challenge.
  • The game has only one level.
  • After finding enough toys, the toys will be shuffled again.
  • Try to find it fast to get 3 stars.
  • Find Toys can help you train your reflexes.
  • The game is not only suitable for children and can also help adults entertain and have fun with children.