Imposter Battle Royale

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Description of Imposter Battle Royale

Imposter Battle Royale is an exciting action game with characters from Among Us. You will control your importer using guns to destroy enemies.

Joining this game, you will transform into an Imposter who will be transported to a spaceship. There, there are many other players with the same task as you. You will compete with them. The winner is the last person left alive at the end of the game. In addition, you can also change the appearance of your character with colors and accessories for him.

Defeat your enemies

Battle in Imposter Battle Royale

To achieve your goal, you need to use the gun equipped in the game to fight other opponents. Since this is a multiplayer game, there will be times when you have to face multiple opponents at the same time. Depending on your abilities, you can choose to confront them head-on. Or, temporarily avoid, wait after they finish killing each other, then you appear and finish the other one.

Your weapons

You can own many different types of guns. But the special thing is that in Imposter Battle Royale, you can merge them to upgrade them into better guns with greater destructive power.

Before joining the battle, you can use coins to buy guns from the lowest level. Merge similar guns together to form higher-level guns and use them in combat.

You should remember, your gun can also help you earn coins. The higher the gun level, the more coins you get. Every second that passes, the guns you own in your inventory earn coins for you.


How to control this game is not too difficult. If you've ever played Vortex 9 then you'll quickly become familiar with the Imposter Battle Royale controls.

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.