Trap The Cat

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Trap the Cat is an engaging strategic board game. The goal of the game is to try to corner or trap the black cat. Are you confident to become the winner?

Gameplay of Trap The Cat

In this engaging strategy game, players will set traps to catch a cat. That cat is black and very smart. Although it strays into your trap, this cat has the ability to think and find a way to escape. Your task is to block all of its paths to catch it.

How to control: Join this game, players only need to use the computer mouse to control. Whichever empty box you click on, the wall will be built there. At that time, this wall will work to block the cat's escape route.

Some notes when playing Trap The Cat

In fact, Trap The Cat is a game that has been around for a long time and is known to many people. However, being able to play fluently and even become a master of this game is not simple.

When playing this game, players need to be really focused and have good judgment about the cat's direction. In addition, there is a pretty useful tip for you. That is, if it is not absolutely necessary, you should build the wall from places far away from the cat first, that is, from the edge of the honeycomb trap. If you build from far away like that, it will be easier to corner the cat. Gook luck!