The Walking Merge

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The Walking Merge is an action game that helps players have funny moments. In this game, you will control your soldiers to kill all the enemies.

The Walking Merge Online

This is a fun action game. In this game, you will control your characters to fight off the onslaught of zombies. These zombies are so cruel, they want to destroy humanity and invade the earth. If you don't make an effort to protect your world, their goal will be accomplished quickly.

Master the game

Kill zombies

Coming to The Walking Merge, players will take their characters to a path full of zombies. You just have to bring these heroes, and they will know how to fight on their own. However, sometimes you also need to control, take them away from bosses, or guide them to focus on attacking a specific target.


The name of the game, The Walking Merge, says it all. The most special feature that this game offers is the fusion of individual heroes. Two identical heroes of the same level can be merged to form a new hero with a higher level, greater strength, and specially equipped with equipment such as armor and guns with attack power larger break.

Progress bar

Every day there are many of your enemies who want to dominate this earth. You will be continuously against them. More and more people every day, so it will be much more difficult. But it is also an opportunity to help you train to gain more experience as well as add strength.

Follow The Walking Merge's on-screen progress bar to see if there are more or fewer zombies appearing here. Thanks to that, you can have reasonable strategies to win. If you love such action games, Rocket Bot Royale is a reasonable choice.