The Boss Baby Backyard Racer

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About The Boss Baby Backyard Racer

Welcome to the adorable and incredibly addictive game, The Boss Baby Backyard Racer! This is considered a very unique driving game with an exciting idea. You will help a boy conquer the track and collect delicious food. Let's start the game and enjoy this fascinating game.

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Master The Boss Baby Backyard Racer

The gameplay

In this exciting game called The Boss Baby Backyard Racer, players will be extremely impressed with a lovely baby boy. The boy will conquer the race track in the game. As a baby, the track will not be too harsh but also not boring.

Players need to help the child overcome all dangerous obstacles such as nails, water supply posts, balls, etc. If you collide with them, you will not be immediately removed from the track, but it will be very time-consuming. Meanwhile, the player only has 60 seconds to complete the challenge.

Control instructions

When playing The Boss Baby Backyard Racer, you will see a lot of food along the way. You need to collect sushi to get more points and cookies to add time. To do this, the player will press the spacebar to jump up and the double spacebar will help you jump higher.