Tap Tap Shots

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Welcome to Tap Tap Shots, a platform for you to practice basketball. You will throw the ball into the basket to score points in this attractive game.

The basketball game - Tap Tap Shots

This is a completely different designed basketball game from many other basketball games like Basketball Stars. Instead of controlling basketball players to compete, compete, and steal the ball to score goals right at the stadium where the fans are cheering, in this game, you will perform the task in a simpler way.

Scoring in the game

To get points in Tap Tap Shots, players need to tap on the screen to make the ball bounce and get into the basket. For each time you put the ball into the basket, you will receive at least 1 point. Below are the details of the points received for each score. You can refer to it to set your score record in the game.

  • Score while the ball hits the rim - 1 point.
  • Score without the ball hitting the rim - 2 points.
  • Score multiple consecutive goals can x2 points for each goal and accumulate 1 point for the next goal.

Guide to control

You can tap on the screen for smartphones, and click the mouse for computers to control the ball.

The differences in Tap Tap Shots

In this game, players will take turns tossing the ball into the basket on either side of the playing field. After each goal is scored, the basket will disappear and appear on the opposite side of the court. Besides, the position of the basket will also be changed in terms of height.

Furthermore, the time bar will run to let you know how much time you are allowed to use to score a goal. When the time runs out and you can't score a goal, the game is over. Therefore, players will need to face more challenges. You need skills and good reflexes to conquer this fascinating game. Good luck!