Supercar Chase

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Supercar Chase offers a race with many interesting and detailed cars. You will control your car to run a track as far as possible while eliminating others.

About Supercar Chase

In this game, players will control the supercar to conquer the race. However, Supercar Chase is more unique, you will be chased by many other cars. They want to crash into your car to remove you from the track. More specifically, the goal of all these cars is to be your supercar.

Master Supercar Chase

Your task when participating in this game is to avoid being eliminated early from the game and eliminate your enemies. You also need to control your supercar to go as far as possible. If you can achieve this goal, a lot of different benefits are waiting for you ahead.

Control instructions

To control your cars, you need to use the left and right arrow keys. They will help you steer the car and conquer the track of Supercar Chase.

Maybe you don't know about Supercar Chase

Tips and tricks

  • Players will be disqualified and lose immediately if they are caught by other cars and hit you. So, you need to avoid and maybe even crash into them to get rid of them.
  • In addition, you can also move intelligently to both avoid the cars and make them crash into each other and be eliminated.
  • The more cars you eliminate, and the farther you travel, the more stars and coins you get.


Where can I play Supercar Chase?

This game is provided by web games, you can play the game right at our Rocket Bot Royale web.

Can I change cars after every race?

Of course. Supercar Chase not only offers players many supercars with a variety of genres but also has many different stages set up.

How to buy cars?

You need to have enough coins required by the game to buy the cars you like.