Snappy Spy

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Snappy Spy is an action game with amazing reflexes. Playing this game, you will control your ninja character to sneak into the enemy base. Can you do it?

Snappy Spy - Ninja's Campaign

Breaking into Snappy Spy

Welcome to the addictive game on our website. Ninja guy's journey to becoming an agile spy has begun. Will you accompany him?

Your task in the game is to navigate to help your character break into the enemy base as much as possible. The further you creep in, the more points you will receive.


Snappy Spy's challenge will baffle you with moving walls. Do not ignore the port even if you are smoothly passing through that wall. It can suddenly break, fall bricks, grow taller, or even create deep pools.

At that time, the player needs to click the mouse to transfer gravity to the character.

Snappy Spy's Tips and Tricks

  • Stay focused to avoid unexpected circumstances.
  • Try to collect more sushi and food to get more extra points.
  • Crashing into the wall will disqualify you immediately.

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