Snake King

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About Snake King

Snake King is a fun arcade game. Players need to control their snakes to build their own empires and defend their territory against enemy encroachment.

Snake King gameplay

If you've ever played through Paper.io, it won't take you too long to master this game. Because the gameplay of the two games is quite similar.

Players will control their snakes crawling all over the map of the game to mark their sovereignty. Wherever your snake goes, you will be able to expand the territory there. You can even invade other people's territories. But also don't forget to protect your area. You will have the opportunity to lead the leaderboard when capturing the most territories.

Guide to play

Use the arrow keys to control your snake. The arrow directions will also correspond to the direction of the snake.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't go too far from your main territory.
  • You can finish and eliminate enemies by cutting off their tails.
  • However, your opponent can also cut your tail.
  • When two snakes confront each other, the snake that is in its territory wins. Otherwise, the remaining snake will be eliminated.
  • Players can change their snake skins before participating in the competition.