Slope Soccer

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You will kick the ball in a completely new space of Slope Soccer and enjoy the fun. Players need to try to score as many goals to get a higher score.

Slope Soccer Game

This is a running game with an extremely impressive concept. Instead of controlling the characters kicking the ball like in Stickman Soccer, the player will control his ball to run on an endless race track. However, this track is designed like a football field.

Get points in the game

Join Slope Soccer, you will get points when you run as far as possible. Besides, because it is a game inspired by King sport, if you can score in the game, the score you get will be higher.

So how to score in this game? Goals, bridges, etc are designed and installed on the racing platform of the game. If you can control the ball yourself to go through them, you will score more points. In particular, for each goal, that is, when the ball goes through any goal, you will receive up to 100 points.


Use the arrow keys to navigate the ball.

Obstacles in the game

In this game, the enemy players will also be one of your obstacles. Besides, you should not let the corner pillars or other obstacles hinder your progress. If you collide with these challenges, although they will not be eliminated from the game, they will cause your speed to be reduced, and even possibly fly off the track. Especially, as soon as the ball falls out, the game will be over. Therefore, be careful.