Senya and Oscar 2

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Senya and Oscar 2 is an extremely unique action game. Players will accompany their pets to save the world from evil monsters in this game. Are you ready?

About Senya and Oscar 2

Welcome all of the players to the Senya and Oscar 2! This is an exciting action game, where the knight's adventure will begin and you will be that knight. Start your journey and destroy your enemies!

Play the game

In Senya and Oscar 2, will control a knight with extraordinary courage and strength who accompanies a pet. This pet is a witch with interesting magic, it can help the knight have victories over opponents. Your task is to combine the power of these two characters to destroy monsters.

While the knight will use power, weapons, and equipment to protect himself, the pet will cast spells on enemies causing them to be injured, lose blood, and be injured.


Players will not need to navigate for the character, they will move on their own. However, to attack the enemy, you need to use the mouse to click on the moves to use. For example, knights can use leg punches or slashes. For the pet, there is a claw, spinner, or fireball.

Some interesting features

In this game, players will experience many attractive features of Senya and Oscar 2. Follow the information below for more details:

  • When attacking, the enemy will focus on attacking the knight first. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the knight's upgrade first.
  • Use coins to upgrade the power of both characters as well as buy more equipment for swords, armor, etc.
  • Use emeralds to spin and get equipment.
  • Pay attention to using the character's moves at the right time to get the best effect.
  • Every time you enter a new level, the character's HP bar will be reset.

Obviously, Senya and Oscar 2 is a good game and is expected by many people. It deserves to be known more, so we hope players will take the time to experience and enjoy this top game. Visit Rocket Bot Royale to enjoy the game.