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BattleDudes.io is an exciting survival battle where you will face a lot of enemies. Join this game and use weapons to support your spawn goal.

RoyaleDudes.io Online

This game is a product of Sarunas Visockas, an extremely talented and famous game maker. Are you ready to join the battle of RoyaleDudes.io?

Your goal in the game

Coming to this game, players will join many other players from a helicopter, or parachute to a place they want. Pick up the necessary items and weapons to serve your battle. From the beginning, you have been equipped with a small gun. However, finding around the map and collecting other weapons is extremely necessary because other guns may have greater killing power and destructive power, supporting you more.

Guide to control

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Press E to jump from plane or open the chest.
  • Mouse scroll or press 1,2,3,G,X to switch weapons

Some notes for players

During the battle, you should not let yourself drown in the danger zone. Over time, RoyaleDudes.io's safe area will shrink. Therefore, you also need to quickly get out of your position and get close to the safe circle. If you stay out of the safe zone forever, you will fight run out of health and be out of the game.

During the game, if you are missing items such as ammo, bandages, etc. You can find stores near you to buy those items.

In addition, the game's map is very useful. It can show the player the location of the shops as well as the location of the enemies. On that minimap, your location is represented by the green dot, and the enemies by the red dot.

The game features that you should know


This is where a list of goals that the player should complete is listed. When completing the goals of RoyaleDudes.io here, you can receive attractive rewards from the game.

Game's shop

At the game's store, you can use coins to equip your character with extremely useful items. You can buy more gems or chests, to help the character look more beautiful and outstanding by buying a hat and emotion for him. In addition, you should also equip melee for your character.


The achievements of the best players will be displayed here. It's like a leaderboard to show players how the good players show in RoyaleDudes.io. Everyone's chances are the same, and you can show up here too if your performance is good enough. The game's stats are shown by day, week, and all time of each season.

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