Rampage Racer

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Rampage Racer is known as a racing game that emphasizes the ingenuity of the driver. You and your car will pass a series of other vehicles and collect coins.

Race track of Rampage Racer game

As a racing game, this game has always received high praise for giving players a great experience of speed. Players will pass many other cars on the way. Unlike Smash Karts, when playing Rampage Racer, players are not allowed to collide with other vehicles moving on the track.

In addition to collecting coins and emeralds, all you need to do in this game is weave through each other car to get ahead and maintain speed, conquering the longest distance possible. Good luck!

Basic information about the game

Rampage Racer's cars

The game offers a variety of supercars with eye-catching designs and colors. Anyone with a passion for supercars will love them. However, you need enough coins to unlock them and make them your race companion.

Rampage Racer's maps

The game's mysterious maps will be unlocked and discovered when you accumulate enough emeralds. If you are definitely an adventurous person who loves to discover new things, you should try to experience all of Rampage Racer's maps.

Control cars

The way to control the cars in the game is very simple. Players only need to use 4 arrow keys to clear the game. In particular, up key will help you accelerate, conversely, press the down key when you want the car to slow down when necessary. Besides, the left and right key is used to navigate your cars.

Pre-race upgrades

Your cars when you first buy them are still very rudimentary and not flexible enough to help you conquer the game. Players can use upgrades before entering the track to help their vehicles have higher speed, and improve acceleration or handling. And now, immerse yourself in the speed world of Rampage Racer!