Pizza Dash

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Pizza Dash is a great entertaining game where the player will act as a shipper. You need to deliver as many pizzas as possible to get more coins you get.

About Pizza Dash

Welcome to Pizza Dash, a simple arcade game that will give you moments of unexpected entertainment. Let's start the game now!

Play Pizza Dash

In this game, you will transform into a delivery man, specializing in delivering pizzas to customers. The player's means of transportation will be a motorbike. In the development town of Pizza Dash, players will receive orders from customers, go to the pizza shop to get cakes and deliver them to their customers' homes. Try to deliver cakes to customers, and receive feedback and worthy money from them.

How to control

To master this game, you just need to use a computer mouse. When the player clicks the mouse, the motorbike will accelerate. Hold the mouse to ensure the vehicle's speed. When you release the mouse, the sex motorbike slows down.

A few notes when playing Pizza Dash

Since Pizza Dash is set in a developed city, the traffic route will also be quite complicated. In particular, the higher the level, the more players have to ship pizzas through complicated traffic areas with more vehicles. Therefore, you need to be really careful.

At intersections, players need to pay attention to other cars, motorbikes and even trains to avoid colliding with them.

Furthermore, when conquering higher levels, each time you ship pizzas you will need to ship to more customers. Therefore, the distance you travel to ship will be longer and more difficult. Good luck!