Pico Park

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What is Pico Park?

Pico Park is an engaging online game. Players can enjoy the game with many friends, in the company of their cats, to solve all the challenges and level up.

Playing Pico Park

Master each level of the game

The game allows players to participate with friends. While some other games like Rocket Bot Royale only allow you to team up with up to 4 players, Pico Park can help you enjoy with 8 different players. Each level adjusts its terrain for the total number of players, so you can enjoy these to the fullest whether you have many friends or just one. Players should note that all cats can join forces to help each other overcome challenges. Furthermore, to level up, every cat in the game needs to reach the destination together.

Three Pico Park game modes

This pixel graphic game only impresses gamers thanks to its graphic design and gameplay but also the variety of game modes. This helps players have more options when joining Pico Park. You can enjoy the game with your friends in these modes. Let's learn about the modes and choose the mode you like the most!

  • World Mode: Players need to get the key, and then, open the door and reach the goal. All the game levels have special gimmicks designed especially for multiplayer.
  • Battle Mode: If you are satisfied with the cooperation mode, it's time to play the Battle Mode and complete it with friends.
  • Endless Mode: You complete all the levels. Tackle the endless mode and go beyond infinity!