Parkour Rooftop

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About Parkour Rooftop

Parkour Rooftop is an exciting running game. Challenge yourself with agile, flexible runs and overcome all the game's obstacles. Will you get your dream score?


In this game, the player's task is to accompany the main character - a mischievous, active, and adventurous guy who runs through high-rise buildings in the city. The farther you run, the more points you get. Note, that to be able to achieve the goal, players need to avoid obstacles. Because as long as you collide with any obstacle, the game will end.

Try to jump over low obstacles and crawl over high obstacles. Also, if you encounter buildings that are far apart, don't worry about falling down. Try to hold tightly to the wall, then gradually climb to the top of the roof and continue running. That is the key to success in the Parkour Rooftop game.

Control the game

Players can use the arrow keys to control their character. Specifically, the down key is used to slide under obstacles. To jump over them, press the spacebar or up key. In particular, to jump farther or slide longer, hold down the indicated keys.

Parkour Rooftop Features

  • The game has eye-catching graphics and catchy music.
  • Run on top of buildings where there are air conditioners, signal antennas, ladders, etc.
  • There are different high or low buildings. Therefore, when jumping to a higher building, you can even break the window glass to jump inside. Run through that building and continue your journey.