Parking Slot

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Parking Slot is a game that focuses on car driving techniques. Park your car in the correct parking lot and position to move to the next level.

Parking Slot Online

Whether you know how to drive a car in real life or not, you can still play Parking Slot skillfully. As long as the player is careful, observant and a little skillful, you will be able to get 3 stars. Below are a few instructions to make it easier for players to complete the task.

Game's missions

Parking Slot will provide each player with a car. Your task is to park your car in the correct location. Parking locations are already marked, so you won't need to spend much time finding a parking space. The area marked yellow is for you, but can you park there?

Remember that the time for each level is limited. If you do not complete the challenge within the specified time, you cannot level up. The most important thing is not to cause an accident. As long as the player collides with any obstacle or other vehicle, your mission will not be completed and will stop immediately.

Guide to control

Players can enjoy Parking Slot on both PC and mobile devices. Specifically:


  • Use the mouse to rotate the camera.
  • Use the arrow keys to drive the car.


  • Tap and drag on the screen to rotate the camera.
  • Use the on-screen button to drive the car.

Some useful information for playing Parking Slot

The game is integrated with many interesting features. In particular, the achievements table will let players know what more specific tasks they need to complete during the game. Every time a task is completed, the empty box next to it will be filled.

In Parking Slot, you need to pay attention to the time to avoid level failure.

In addition, if you want to get more stars, players need to drive carefully, not using too many operations or wasting a lot of time.