Pacman 30th Anniversary

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What is Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Pacman 30th Anniversary is an exciting arcade game. Players need to navigate Pacman to eat all the dots and escape from many ghosts in this game.

In a dark maze, Pacman will face many zombies patrolling the maze. Once they discover you, they will continuously chase you to capture you. If your Pacman is caught, the game will end immediately. Therefore, the player's mission is to quickly escape this maze. Will you complete this mission?

Master in Pacman 30th Anniversary


As mentioned above, either you escape the maze of Pacman 30th Anniversary, or you will be captured and imprisoned by zombies. So, the important thing is how to escape this dangerous maze.

The answer lies in the maze itself. As soon as participating in the game, players will see a screen with a maze full of light dots and colorful zombies. Your Pacman character is the biggest golden dot. Therefore, to end each maze, you need to join Pacman in eating all the light dots that appear.


Players need to move really smartly to avoid being caught by those zombies. Use the arrow keys to move accordingly. In addition, you can go from one end of the maze to the other to extend the distance with enemies. Furthermore, Pacman 30th Anniversary also offers power-ups to make the game more interesting. Collect them to speed up, or slow down enemies, and don't forget to visit our most loved game, Rocket Bot Royale.