Ninja Run

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About Ninja Run

Ninja Run is an engaging running game that combines action. You guide your ninja in the game to overcome challenges and set your own records.

Ninja Run mission

Coming to this fascinating game, players need to accompany their ninjas on an arduous journey. There will be many challenges that put you in danger. The player's task is to overcome all those challenges and achieve the highest score possible.

While collecting loot in Ninja Run, you also need to avoid collisions and even destroy enemy birds or soldiers. Visit Rocket Bot Royale to enjoy Ninja Run and many other exciting games.


Use the up arrow key to control the ninja to jump up. When left-clicking, your ninja will throw darts to destroy enemies.

Some interesting features of Ninja Run

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Nice and impressive sounds.
  • Simple gameplay.

All the features of Ninja Run are extremely attractive to players, so the game is always on the list of the best games on our web and many others. The game is suitable not only for those who like action games but also for all other subjects. Ninja Run will bring you a great entertainment space where everything is carefully taken care of. Join the game and enjoy it now!