Magic Tiles 3

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Magic Tiles 3 brings players to the world of music with piano symphonies. You will be the piano player for this music, try to play well to complete songs.

Magic Tiles 3 with sounds

Game Introduction

Welcome to the magical world with great music in Magic Tiles 3! This is a game that has received an impressive amount of love and downloads. That is easy to understand because this game is really good, and can be for any player. And because it can become a mental medicine to help reduce stress for players.


In Magic Tiles 3, as soon as you click on the "play" key, a track will automatically play a sound and the piano keys will fall from nowhere. Your task is to click or touch all those keys. Just one click, slide or no click will be eliminated from this game.


Does the game have different music tracks?

Of course. There's a lot of good music out there, they're all trendy or legendary songs, etc. To unlock the next songs to experience, you need to complete the previous songs.

Can I play Magic Tiles 3 on a computer or phone?

Both of them. In fact, this game provides users with both mobile versions and online play on the web and computer. If you use a phone, you need to download the game, while Rocket Bot Royale provides an online game platform for users to play games without downloading.