Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush is an action game. In which you are a noble and heroic warrior! As a general of his Majesty's forces. King Denas requires your services.

About Kingdom Rush

Master the game

The inhabitants of Southport have reported attacks by highwaymen and other roaming outlaws. You must take a battalion to Southport to Bolster the city's defenses. Protect your lands from the enemy attack. Build defensive towers along the road to stop them: don't let enemies past the blue point, build towers to defend the road, and earn gold by killing enemies. In addition, there is another action game that you should try to play called Rocket Bot Royale.

How to control

Players using the mouse can build towers and assign attacks in Kingdom Rush.

Tips For Conquer Kingdom Rush

  • Some enemies wear different levels of armor that protect them against non-magical attacks. Armored enemies take less damage from marksmen, soldiers, and artillery.
  • You can adjust your soldiers' rally points to make them defend a different area.
  • Blast your enemies with fire from the skies! Rain of fire is best saved to use in an emergency or a great opportunity since it has a very long cooldown.
  • In Kingdom Rush, players can use their powers to master the game. Lava helps defeat a series of enemies in a certain area, players can also send more soldiers to the battlefield to destroy enemies.