Graffiti Time

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Graffiti Time is a fun and impressive game. The player will guide his character to paint the necessary locations, collect cash, and find the key.

Graffiti Time - Introduction

Play the game

Coming to this game, players will control a paint box lid to draw graffiti. This box lid needs to move around the map to collect cash and find designated locations to paint on cars, electricity poles, trash cans, billboards, etc. You can use colorful pens to draw or paste your own unique stickers on it.

Once you have painted graffiti in all the required places, the key will appear. You need to take that key and move to the graffiti box, open the lid of the box, and get to the next challenge.

Guide to control

How to control Graffiti Time's characters is not difficult. Below are a few instructions, just follow them, and you can easily master this game.

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press and hold C to paint.

Things to note when playing Graffiti Time

The game has many levels, in which, the higher the level, the more difficult it will be. Players will need to face more challenges, and in particular, your biggest challenge in Graffiti Time is facing the guards. They are security robots, equipped with cameras and security devices. Therefore, don't let them detect you, otherwise, you will be caught by them and the game will end.

In addition, the more you play, the more chances you have to collect Graffiti Time cash. If in Rocket Bot Royale, currency units are used to buy weapons and equip the tank's appearance, cash in Graffiti Time will be used for a different purpose. You will buy different stickers to paste on items in the game. They will help your sticker store be more diverse and look much more beautiful.