Flip Bottle

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Flip Bottle is an entertaining game with water bottles that is trending recently. Players will flip the water bottle so that it jumps from place to place until it reaches the finish line. If you are a person who regularly follows online trends, you will quickly adapt to the rules of this game.

Flip Bottle challenges

When accessing this game, the player needs to complete the task by flipping his water bottle. Each time the water bottle is flipped, it will rotate once in the air and then land. You will be successful if, upon landing, your water bottle lands safely on platforms such as televisions, cabinets, lamps, tables, sofas, etc. As long as the water bottle doesn't fall to the ground, it's fine. You will complete each level of Flip Bottle when the water bottle reaches the finish line.

Flip Bottle attraction

Unlock bottles

You find the water bottle all white boring, you don't like it. No problem, Flip Bottle offers many different water bottle skins to meet the needs of users. As long as you want to change the skin, this is not difficult. You need to accumulate coins to buy those water bottles.

So how to get coins? Very simple. After each level of the game, as long as you complete the challenge, you will receive 100 coins. Since the price of each skin is different, you can accumulate to unlock your favorite skin and accompany it in the game. In this aspect, Rocket Bot Royale is similar. You can get coins after each battle.

Features of each level

Overall, the different levels in Flip Bottle are not too different, but those small differences are enough to make you satisfied. If you pay attention, you will see that the higher you play at the level, the more items you will encounter in the house. Even when jumping on the light, it will glow. Or, going to the TV will cause its screen to be noisy.