Five Nights At Freddy's

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An Horror Game For You


A legendary horror game was turned into a movie called Five Nights At Freddy's. Are you a brave guard who can survive 5 nights without being scared by them?

As a game belonging to an American media brand, Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) was released in 2014. Although it is a horror game, it still attracts a large number of fans and always explodes every time. Release the next version in the series. The game is considered extremely attractive, even the movie version received positive feedback. In the future, it may continue to grow and gain even more popularity.

Enjoy Five Nights At Freddy's

How to play

Come to this game, you will be a new guard of a famous pizzeria which is loved by its lively and singing animatronics during the day. However, when night falls, they become strange and terrify everyone. You will be the store's new security officer who will watch over them for 5 nights.

The player can observe the action of the Five Nights At Freddy's animatronics through the surveillance room. The store is equipped with many cameras, you need to take advantage of this. In addition, you will also be equipped with a few other items, such as flashlights, music boxes, etc. But if overused, they will run out of battery. Therefore, you need to use it wisely if you want to survive here.


Can kids play this game?

FNAF is recommended for gamers 16+. Please consider this because this is a horror game and it can be haunting for children.

Why is Five Nights At Freddy's game famous?

The game is considered extremely attractive. It meets the criteria of a horror game in terms of gameplay, graphics and sound.

Does FNAF include scenes of violence?

Are not. Although the game has quite scary sounds, it does not include violent actions. The game will end as soon as you are found, appeared and scared by Freddy. There were no other acts of violence.