Extreme Thumb War

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About Extreme Thumb War

Extreme Thumb War gives players a lot of fun. Playing this game, you will control your thumb to fight with the other thumb. Whoever gets 3 stars first wins.

Play Extreme Thumb War Online Game

A unique, interesting, and equally dramatic fight is the description for Extreme Thumb War. This is a game that simulates a fight between two thumbs. The rules of the game are very simple, the finger that can beat the other finger will win and get 1 star. The finger that gets 3 stars first will be the winner.

Suggestions for you

In particular, players should also take advantage of the opportunity to collect items during the game. For example, bandages will help you bandage wounds and heal, fists will help you increase damage, etc. The game is now available on the Rocket Bot Royale website, access to play this and many more games!

Enjoy the game's features

2 player modes

When participating in the game, if you are tired of playing alone, you don't want to play with the CPU anymore, you can invite your friends to play. 2 player mode is there to meet this need of users. When playing in this mode, your opponent will use the computer with you. Fast reflexes and concentration are the minimum requirements for players if they want to be straight in Extreme Thumb War.

Control guide

Here's how to control when participating in the game:

  • Player 1: Click the mouse to attack.
  • Player 2: Press W to attack.

However, you need to be very careful, if you attack at the wrong time, it can become an opportunity for the opponent to counterattack and eliminate you.