Drift F1

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Drift F1 has a very special track. You will control your car moving on that track. In this game, every time you drift, your car will change direction.

Description of Drift F1

Drift F1 is one of the most impressive driving games. The game attracts users' attention partly because of its unique concept.

Conquer the race track

On the track of Drift F1, players can only control their car to turn left or right. Even if you are not careful, your car may fall off this track. Then you will be counted as a loser.

Players come to Drift F1, and in addition to bringing their car to the finish line, they also need to collect as many coins as possible. Coins will help you unlock more car models. By the way, if you are a lover of online games, Rocket Bot Royale Web shares a lot of such games. Access the game and immerse yourself in the fascinating game world.


Use the mouse to control the game. You will hold the mouse to drift your car and release it for it to come back.

The game features of Drift F1 you should know


The best players of Drift F1 will appear on this honor list. Besides their name, their achievements will also appear here. This leaderboard will provide a list of outstanding players by day, week, month, and all time. Other players can score themselves on the leaderboard of this game, and you can also have the opportunity to do it.


After completing the challenge of each level, that is, reach the destination. You will unlock a new map that corresponds to a new level. Of course, those maps will be more complex and difficult to conquer than previous levels. However, as long as you focus, you can do it!