Dirtbike Fraction

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Dirtbike Fraction Online Game

Dirtbike Fraction is an interesting math game. In this game, players need to give the correct answers to get points. Whoever has more points will win.


The Dirtbike Fraction game is focused on improving thinking, especially for children. So, when playing this game, you will face a lot of math questions. All the questions will be in the form of a fraction, you will answer and decide whether the mathematical solutions are greater than, less than, or equal.

Control instructions

When math operations appear, players need to quickly make their decisions. Use the mouse to select the answer, if your answer is correct, you will get points and extend your cord.

Mastering the Dirtbike Fraction

The game consists of two teams, the blue and the red team, the representative of the teams will be the motorbikes. Before entering the game, you will give yourself a name. In Dirtbike Fraction, the player who scores more points and pulls the opponent's motorbike over the line will be the winner.

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