Dino Domination

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Description of Dino Domination

Dino Domination is an extremely impressive game. Help your dinosaur collect food to survive and grow fast. You need to avoid other belligerent dinosaurs.

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Dino Domination game is a product developed by Yso Corp. In this game, you will be immersed in a world of dinosaurs. Are you ready to conquer it?

Join the game, explore, and help your dinosaur evolve rapidly. Since you were a small dinosaur egg, you needed to control the egg to jump everywhere to collect the right food to help it grow quickly. When you reach the highest level of that dinosaur, you can move on to the next species.


Using the WASD or arrow will help you control your dragon to move and do tasks.

Dinosaurs in Dino Domination

There are many different dinosaur species in this game. There are very gentle dinosaurs that only eat plants to survive and develop. On the other hand, there are dinosaurs that need to eat other animals to stay alive. Therefore, you need to acclimate and help them collect reasonable food.

Besides, you should remember that whatever with the red border, you do not allow to eat. Meanwhile, whatever with the white or green borders is for you. You can also enjoy Rocket Bot Royale for fun when you wanna play an action game.